Bio-Sensors & Advanced Biomedical Signals (Elective – 6 ECTS)

This course focuses on biosensors and advanced signal processing. The objective is for students to develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives necessary to understand concepts like data acquisition, data aggregation and data processing. During the labs, practical examples in biomedical signal analysis are conducted using MATLAB, with focus on cardiology, encephalography and motion detection.

1. Sensors

  • a. Definition.
  • b. Measured Quantities & Response.
  • c. Physical Principles. T
  • d. Types of sensors: electric, capacitate, magnetic, induction, resistance.

2. BioSensors

  • a. Definition.
  • b. Elements of a Biosensor.
  • c. Bioreceptors.
  • d. Immobilization.
  • e. Transduction methods.
  • f. Types of sensors: Optical. Electrochemical. Mass based. Temperature based. Electric.

3. Advanced Signal Processing

  • a. TIme Series Analysis
  • b. Wavelets
  • c. AI and Machine Learning
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