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Students will engage a number of compulsory and elective curses during the first two semesters, summing uo to a total of 8 biomedical engineering subject. These provide sound preparation for the final project of the MSc, which may be carried out, either on campus or at a collaborating/affiliated institute.

Our Staff

We encourage our academic staff to work together in groups or individually or with external  partners to produce quality research. Our staff participates in conferences and publishes papers in highly-reputed academic journals.

Our Students

We offer a wide range of services to support you during your studies with us. After all, this MSc is specifically designed for graduate students who want to specialize in this vibrant area and provides the fundamental knowledge & skills required to solve problems related to living systems.

Our Alumni

All our graduates are part of a distinguished global alumni network comprising over XXX alumni in Europe and the whole world.


Start your professional career

The MSc in Biomedical Engineering of UoWM, is geared towards graduate students pursuing a career within, or in support of the medical sector e.g. preoperative planning, medical instrumentation, pharmaceutics, bio-informatics etc.

Expand your horizons by carrying out your thesis alongside leading researchers and industry experts from around the world that are affiliated with our program (USA, UK, Switzerland etc.). This is a unique opportunity we only provide for a limited number of students that excel in our program and may also be combined with a partial or even full scholarships/grants, covering travel expenses and accommodation (for a 1 to 6-month duration).