Bioinformatics (Elective – 6 ECTS)

This course teaches the bioinformatics skills used in academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical laboratories for analyzing individual DNA and protein sequences. The focus is extensive hands-on experience using mainstream web-based bioinformatics tools. Students learn how to evaluate data sources and choose the correct paths to solutions. Throughout the semester, interesting biological questions are addressed by analyzing sequences, searching databases, using sophisticated software, and interpreting results. During the labs students learn how to use publicly available online resources and tools for genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic data analysis, as well as other analytic tools and online resources.

  1. Biomedical Data
  2. The code of life
  3. DNA/RNA
  4. Sequencing
  5. Proteomics
  6. Systems Biology
  7. Translational Research
  8. Precision and personalised medicine
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