Digital Therapeutics (Elective – 6 ECTS)

This course focuses on software (platforms, apps, algorithms) that has proven to deliver a therapeutic intervention and has gotten approval to be prescribed, either alone or in combination with other standard-of-care treatments, to improve therapy outcomes. During the course students will learn how digital products can demonstrate impact on measurable clinical outcomes. Questions for the health care systems are discussed, as well as interactions with mobile health (mHealth) interventions and biomedical data acquisition modalities including wearable devices. The course presents a spectrum of different potential uses of digital therapeutics, including modifying use of medications, increasing patient compliance, enhancing patient behaviour and improving the physiological response of the patient.

  1. From research to approval: regulatory procedures
  2. Digital interventions of therapeutic value
  3. Chronic Disease Self-Management
  4. Participatory Medicine
  5. UI/UX issues
  6. Prescribed Apps Examples
  7. Ethical & Legal Issues
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