Grant Writing & Project Management (Elective – 6 ECTS)

Students entering this course are familiarized on both concepts, Grant Writing and Project Management but are asked to engage a semester-long assignment, focusing on only one of them.

Those opting for Grant Writing will analyze the fundamentals thereof and how to formulate an idea into a clear and concise proposal. Students will be guided through identifying sources for funding their proposals and learn to tailor their grants to a specific funding source’s requirements and panel/reviewer interests.  Upon determining a student specific thematology, each of the participants engaging this module, will be asked to write a grant, which may be an individual or a collaborative assignment.

Students may alternatively decide to build their human resources skills, entering an assignment in Project Management. In this case, they will be assigned one or two grad students and work hand-in-hand with them, guiding them through their thesis. Those entering this module will be asked to structure the grad students’ thesis in terms of time-line, deliverables, milestones etc., while being supervised by either a PhD candidate or Post-Doctoral researcher, learning to function in a hierarchical project structure.

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